Call on Me

by mobrian on October 15, 2008

The West Bloomfield Fire Department (WBFD) says “Call on Me” in a collaboration of video and photos.  This video is now hosted on and serves as a great message to the community on their fire department.  The video serves as a reminder that the fire services can utilize popular media to spread the word about their services, training, or even a simple fire safety message.

According to Captain Andy Bezenah of WBFD the video was utilized at the annual fire department open house to showcase the skills and abilities of the department.

Does this video serve as a model of how to utilize staff’s talent in all areas?  How can leaders and organizations utilize employees abilities to spread insight about your department or to just educate the general public on your organization?

Other great examples include:

Is there a video that your department can utilize on to help educate the public in your community?

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