Were on Facebook

by mobrian on April 24, 2009

The social media buzz is all around us in many ways.  Did you know that is now on Facebook.  In case you did not know Facebook is a mechanism which allows many people to build relationships online.  So if you are facebook and want to meet some of the great people that make up our community, join us on facebok today!

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Chief(less) on Main Street?

by mobrian on January 20, 2009

Do We Really Need a Fire Chief?

As our elected officials debate the merits of ‘Wall Street vs. Main Street’ and try their best to fix this national economic mess, local municipal budgets are certainly being impacted. Then the local fire chief leaves, so now what does your community do?

The obvious first answer should be: ‘Hire a new chief!’  There will often be an interim period, because  finding a qualified candidate to lead the department is desired.  An unfortunate trend is emerging, however, which if left unchecked, has the potential to cause [click to continue…]


Pictures Wanted

January 17, 2009

We are in the process of updating the logo on our main page and would like to highlight your department apparatus or fighters in action. If you have a picture that highlights a certain apparatus or your firefighters in action send it to us at

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2008 Year in Review

December 31, 2008

Taking a Look at 2008 What a whirl wind 1/2 of a year for us.  We started this site in August and has grown every day. The email list, comments, and page views nearly double every week. The site is purely intended to make our fire service better by sharing viewpoints, training, news, and creating […]

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008

Well it is a busy holiday season for many of us.  I know that many of you are working and protecting our families around the State.  Fires, medicals, and other emergencies do not slow down because it is the holiday season.  I know that we are thankful for what so many of you do to […]

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MFS Radio Episode 1

September 2, 2008

Michigan Fire Service Radio, episode 1 is now available. We are proud to bring you the first edition of our radio station.  It doesn’t have fancy music or introduction (yet) but we are developing this great resources for you. You can listen online or download and listen on the go.  MFS Radio is designed for […]

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What is this

August 12, 2008

Well we are creating the online portal for information sharing with Michigan’s Fire Service.  There are many organizations accross the state which help in the development of inspectors, chiefs, or even EMT’s.  What about our fire service?  Where can you go for training, job postings, ask a questions, or to just be informed?  Michigan Fire […]

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