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Saving the City of Detroit (Updated)

by mobrian on April 25, 2012

Will the Burn Documentary Help the Detroit Fire Department

The Detroit Fire Department was highlighted on NBC Nightly News last night.  The 3 minute video highlights the problem faced with the one of the busiest fire departments in the nation.


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Free Medical CE (Online)

by mobrian on April 6, 2012

Medical CE’s for Free?

Jeff Latkowski, a Fire Fighter for ten years, saw that his and most other departments were turning to online education to fulfill the continuing medical education requirements of the State. With his 12 years of production experience he teamed up with Geoff Lasser, a Fire Fighter and medical IC, to create video based medical productions for Fire Fighters by Fire Fighters.

American CME feels continuing medical education is a tool to teach and expand ones skills, not just a way maintain your license. With the term “do more with less”, American CME saw that the quality of training and education was suffering as well.

“Our goal is to offer high quality training and education that we can take directly to the field” said Jeff Latkowski, owner and CEO, at a recent educational conference. “We offer all of our education at no cost to help save valuable money that can go towards other training needs or jobs”.

We haven’t used their site yet but looks pretty good check it out today!


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Michigan’s Fireworks Law

March 10, 2012

Learn some of the newest information on Michigan’s Consumer Fireworks Law

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