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Michigan’s Fireworks Law

Consumer Fireworks

by mobrian on March 10, 2012

Changes to the Fireworks Law

If you are working in Michigan, by now your department has received multiple calls from fireworks companies looking to setup shop and start selling fireworks here in Michigan.  There is no doubt the law has changed and there are many things that the fire service needs to be aware of.

The new law was signed into effect on January 1, 2012 by Gov. Rick Snyder.  The new bill allows for the use of Consumer Grade Fireworks within the state of Michigan.  This law separates Consumer Grade Fireworks and Low Impact Fireworks (previously approved fireworks in Michigan).

Here are some quick items of note:

  • The new law prohibits any ordinance which bans the sale of fireworks.  If you community had a previous ordinance on selling of fireworks changes should be made to be in accordance with the new law.
  • In order to sell consumer fireworks [click to continue…]


Detroit FD Going to Work

by mobrian on April 17, 2011

Field Trip in Detroit

The following video (with some audio) shows the challenges the Detroit Fire Department faces every day.  I stumbled across the video on you tube and discusses a three day “field trip” watching one of the busiest fire departments in the nation.


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Open Mic Wednesday

October 14, 2009

Have Reductions in Staffing Lead to Increase in Injury for Firefighters? Last week discussed the many things that our first officers taught us about this great job, and there was continued discussion through the week. So this week lets talk about a topic that seems to be key right now.  Many of our budgets have […]

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Ring of Fire

October 11, 2009

Squad 4 Entertained at Chemical Fire Social media has made many of our actions in the fire service more visible then in years past.  This unusual video shows how dedicated musians can make our workplace that more interesting. Thanks to Dave Statter at Statter911 and FirefighterNation for highlighting a funny incident that occured at a […]

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Open Mic Wednesday

October 7, 2009

The microphone is now open and we want your comments. The hot topic for today is what is the best thing your first officer taught you in the fire service? Everyone of us has had an officer (good or bad) that gave us the great words of wisdom to you, the new firefighter (we were […]

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July 19, 2009

By: Azarang (Ozzie) Mirkhah, P.E., CBO, EFO, CFO, MIFireE Danger is lurking and our firefighters must be aware and take immediate measures to protect their own safety along with the safety of the public they are sworn to protect. All firefighters across America must become fully aware of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) […]

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Open Mic Wednesday

June 17, 2009

Safety, Heath and Safety Week The IAFC and the IAFF have worked over the years with many interested groups on the safety week.  This week was known as the “Standdown Week” and has been changed to Fire and EMS Safety, Health and Safety Week. The floor is open and we would like to know what […]

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Open Mic Wednesday

June 10, 2009

Second Alarm Assignment Today’s Table Talk on Open Mic Wednesday is quite simple.  It deals with your communities response to fires and large incidents. Do you have an alarm system in place where you can request a second alarm? What criteria do you use to activate the second alarm? Will you wait just a little […]

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Any One Up for a Fight?

May 20, 2009

Budget Shortfalls, Residential Sprinklers, and Lots of Other Stuff The fire service in Michigan is taking it hard.  Out of all the states we have been hit the highest with unemployment, layoff of firefighters, reduction in staffing levels due to decrease in taxes and state shared revenue.  Many communities are experience or forecasting a 30% […]

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