First Due

by mobrian on October 17, 2008

The alarm goes off for a reported structure fire and your engine will be the first unit in.  You, the engineer, and a fire fighter don your turnout gear and quickly get in the rig (known as big red).  As the officer you do a quick check to make sure seat belts are on, you tell dispatch “Engine 32 responding” as you slowly make your way out of the bay.  Dispatch acknowledges and advises you they have received many calls on this incident and appears to be a working fire.

The engineer states she knows the route, but you pull up the map on your computer and look to find the closest hydrant.  Enroute you bark out orders to the crew as your fire fighter prepares his SCBA and ensures his gear is ready.  The second and third due engine, chief, and a mutual aid ladder truck call dispatch to advise they are responding.

As you enter the subdivision you notice [click to continue…]