October 2008

Lessons Learned, Stop at Red Lights

by mobrian on October 20, 2008

This is a short clip from the St. Louis fire department from this last weekend.  It seems that 8 fire fighters had injuries and were transported to the hospital.  This video serves as a simple reminder to stop at all intersections, wear your seat belt, and drive like you have precious cargo.  We need our units to make it to every incident!

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First Due

by mobrian on October 17, 2008

The alarm goes off for a reported structure fire and your engine will be the first unit in.  You, the engineer, and a fire fighter don your turnout gear and quickly get in the rig (known as big red).  As the officer you do a quick check to make sure seat belts are on, you tell dispatch “Engine 32 responding” as you slowly make your way out of the bay.  Dispatch acknowledges and advises you they have received many calls on this incident and appears to be a working fire.

The engineer states she knows the route, but you pull up the map on your computer and look to find the closest hydrant.  Enroute you bark out orders to the crew as your fire fighter prepares his SCBA and ensures his gear is ready.  The second and third due engine, chief, and a mutual aid ladder truck call dispatch to advise they are responding.

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Call on Me

October 15, 2008

The West Bloomfield Fire Department (WBFD) says “Call on Me” in a collaboration of video and photos.  This video is now hosted on youtube.com and serves as a great message to the community on their fire department.  The video serves as a reminder that the fire services can utilize popular media to spread the word […]

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RIT Beyond the Tarp

October 13, 2008

The City of Holland Fire Department is hosting a safety symposium in conjunction with Inner circle fire training.  The training “RIT beyond the Tarp” examines the role of the RIT team on all fires and the critical roll it plays. The training will be held on November 3, 2008 from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm […]

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Traffic Safety on Emergency Scenes Part 1

October 13, 2008

High Visibility Apparel By: Michael Eckert, Deputy Chief Introduction There is much talk these days regarding safety for firefighters, police, EMS, towing/ recovery operators and other professionals whose “office” frequently takes them within inches of moving traffic. The attention to this topic is justified. There have been a numerous documented injuries, fatalities and an untold […]

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MFS Radio Episode 2

October 7, 2008

Its Fire Prevention Week [display_podcast] Episode 2 brings you highlights of Michigan’s Fire Service News and a great segment on what you can do during fire prevention week.  Michigan Fire Service radio is proud to provide you with this great informaiton that you can listen to right on your desktop our download our feed through […]

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8 rescued from burning Kalamazoo Apartment building

October 6, 2008

Posted with permission from our Friends at WoodTV By Joe LaFurgey KALAMAZOO, Mich (WOOD) — Eight people were trapped inside a burning Kalamazoo apartment building early Friday, necessitating a dramatic rescue. The second floor of the apartment building in the 1300 block of Portage Road caught on fire around 12:30 a.m. The fire quickly spread […]

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Preparing for Fire Prevention Week, The Open House

October 4, 2008

A special post from Tom Kiurski and our friends at Inspector911.com If you work for a fire department that has an existing open house that is held in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week (the most common time to have the Open House, although you can have one at any time), then consider yourself lucky. Much […]

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Reading Smoke

October 3, 2008

The popular reading smoke program by Dave Dodson is on its way to the West side of Michigan on Saturday November 8, 2008. It has been said, “So goes First-Due, So goes the Incident!” Our incidents are changing in scope, impact, and complexity – and so must our ability to RAPIDLY survey and decide the […]

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