Drivers Training Update and New Train the Trainer

by mobrian on January 17, 2009

Required Updates for Current Drivers Training Instructors and Open Classes for New Trainers

Its about time, the Michigan Fire Fighter Training council has updated the Driver’s Training program and has a required update for all current instructors (Drivers training instructors).  There are multiple update classes being held across the state.  In addition if you are an approved instructor through the MFFTC you can apply to become a new driver’s training instructor and attend one of the upcoming courses.

If you were unaware, this program is the approved means for fire fighters to meet the exception found in PA 300 for operating a vehicle over 26,001 lbs without a CDL (the fire fighter exception).

For more detailson class locations visit the links below:

Current Driver’s Training Instructor Update

Approved Instructors (Have OFFT Instructor Certification) new to Driver’s Training

The key to this section is that you need to be a certified instructor through the MFFTC and your department is willing to have you teach the DT program.  It is a two day program based on the VFIS driver’s training program.

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