Fire Fatalities and 2 Injured Firefighters

by mobrian on July 28, 2009

A Busy Weekend for Michigan’s Bravest

Multiple fires across the state have challenged Michigan’s firefighters resulting in multiple injuries and civilian fatalities this weekend.  Firefighters from multiple communities responded to the request of their community.  It also appears that a working sprinkler system has saved thousands of dollars for a Sturgis building.

4 Civilians Die in Hancock Fire

An early morning fire lead to the death of four people in a downtown Hancock fire.  The fire, which is believed to be arson, appears to have started in the back of the building and spread to the two floors of apartments.  Based on reports working smoke alarms helped notify occupants of the fire  although, they were intially ignored by occupants.  The building was not protected by a sprinkler system.

2 Flint Firefighters Injured at Residential Fire

Firefighters responded to a working basement fire in the Luge Bar in Flint.  Firefighters were working to access the fire and fell down an open elevator shaft to the basement.  The firefighters received minor injuries while fighting the fire in the building.

Sprinkler Controls Fire

Sturgis firefighters responded to a possible structure fire at the Penguin LLC building.  Firefighters found smoke in the building from a fire in a press and partial electrical system.  The fire was controlled by an automatic sprinkler system in the building.  Firefighters assisted in mop-up operations and ventilation of the building.

Other Incidents:

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