More Bad News for Michigan Firefighters

by mobrian on June 2, 2009

Layoffs Across the State

Well hopefully this isn’t timed with the announcements made by GM this week, although it appears that two additional communities are announcing changes in their fire department staffing.  Three Muskegon Heights fire fighters will be laid off starting June 10, 2009 while over in Flint an additional 22 firefighters could be laid off which could result in the closing of one fire station.

This is not the only staffing discussion across the state.  Bay City officials voted 5-4 to not lay-off firefighters at this time although the discussion is still under debate (see video on right side bar).

These changings will affect the safety of the community and of the fire fighters in the community.  It is important that the community continue to support the fire department and ensure the elected community leaders are ensuring the safety of the community and the employees that work to extinguish fires.

If you remember, three firefighters were injured at a fatal fire where the response was limited due to previous layoffs.  We hope that communities look at all options before lay-offs are a consideration.

If you would like to read the articles see the links below.

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