OFFT Update on Firefighter Curriculum

by mobrian on August 12, 2009

Bureau of Fire Services, State of Michigan

Rollout of New Basic Training is Approaching

The Firefighter Training Council has made changes to the Firefighter I and II training program.  The dates for implementation are drawing closer.  As regional training centers and training committees work to establish updates, the OFFT has issued a memorandum with updated requirements for instructors.

DATE: July 28, 2009

TO: Regional Training Centers and County Training Committees

FROM: Joseph A. Grutza, Director, Office of Fire Fighter Training

SUBJECT: Update on New Fire Fighter Curriculums

As we approach the implementation of the new firefighter curriculums, we want to ensure that we are all on the same page. There are some important changes that you must be made aware of so that your courses can take place with minimal problems. The following changes will pertain to firefighter courses using any of the three new curriculums.

  • The final written exam will continue to be 100 questions for either the FF-I or FF-II course. The FF-I/II course will again be 200 questions. The exam will be NFPA compliant and will be the same for all three curriculums.
  • The final practical exam is currently being reviewed, and any changes will be announced in the near future.
  • The Student Activity Report (SAR) that was required in the past will no longer be used.
  • The Course Schedule that was required to be submitted at the time of application will no longer be used.
  • Hazardous Materials First Responder-Awareness (F01C) will no longer be a registered course. Hazardous Materials First Responder-Operations (F02C) will include the First Responder Awareness section and will be taught in the FF-I course. The Hazardous Materials First Responder-Operations (FO2C) course will still need to be applied for with the FF-I and FF-I/II courses.
  • The Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations (FRO) course exam will remain separate from the final exam given at the completion of the firefighter course. If a firefighter desires to take the FRO course separately from a firefighter course, they will need to locate a firefighter program and then contact the Course Manager to see if they can attend during the FRO portion. There will no longer be separate stand-alone FRO courses offered.
  • All three curriculums have a Hazardous Materials chapter within the firefighter manual. Since all material will come from the three firefighter curriculums, the OFFT will no longer be providing HazMat manuals.
  • All Michigan Modules (Course Introduction, Laws Rules and Standards, Emergency Medical Care) that were previously a part of the firefighter curriculum have been discontinued. The Introduction module will reappear on our website in a different format so that the instructor can use it on the first day of class. This module will likely be in a PowerPoint format and available for downloading from an online site.
  • The First Aid topic is included in all thee curriculums and will be covered in the same fashion as any other chapter. The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will have the option of providing a higher level of medical training in lieu of the First Aid chapter.
  • The OFFT will no longer be providing any handouts, study materials, and quizzes. All three curriculums adequately cover information previously sent to the instructor.

This information is intended to answer the many questions being received by the OFFT. Please share this information with your instructors. Some questions/topics are still being addressed so that the transition will be as easy as possible. Please remember that each CTC will receive one Fire Fighter I/II Instructor Kit if they notify which curriculum they will be using within their county. This curriculum kit decision must be received in the Lansing office no later than August 14th at 5:00 PM, or the request will not be honored.

The OFFT is hopeful that by mid-September our new IMS system will be available to the fire service. The system will allow for on-line course applications, printing of lost or non-issued certificates, FD training reports, training transcripts for individual firefighters, on-line submission of all OFFT forms, end our need for Social Security Numbers, and many more functions too numerous to mention! More information will be provided on this new system in the near future.

One very important responsibility for every CTC, RTC, and instructor is to keep your email address current with the OFFT. The OFFT will soon begin communicating with you via the internet and not through the mail. Don’t risk missing important information by not keeping us up-to-date with your email address. Update your e-mail address with your region supervisor. Incidentally, you will soon be able to update your email, phone numbers and address directly online using the new IMS system!

cc: OFFT Staff

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