Please Don’t cut the Cables

by mobrian on November 27, 2009

Median Man Cables

New Safety Feature on Many of Michigan’s Highways

A new safety feature is being added to many stretches of select Michigan highways. A new barrier type called high-tension cable barrier (also known as cable guardrail) is being used by MDOT primarily in freeway medians to reduce the frequency and severity of median crossover crashes.

Median cable guardrail is saving lives every day. Cable guardrail is expected to reduce cross-median crashes by an estimated 90 percent. In contrast, concrete barriers are only about 60 percent effective. We expect to save at least 13 people and prevent 51 incapacitating injuries PER YEAR, once this three-year safety effort is complete.

Median barriers already are installed in other states such as South Carolina, Washington and Missouri. A relatively low-cost solution, cable barrier is about one-third the cost of steel guardrail, and only a quarter of the cost of concrete barrier. MDOT will invest more than $40 million total to install 280 miles of cable statewide in response to a 340-mile median crash analysis.

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