23 CFR Part 634

Traffic Safety on Emergency Scenes Part 1

by mobrian on October 13, 2008

High Visibility Apparel

By: Michael Eckert, Deputy Chief


There is much talk these days regarding safety for firefighters, police, EMS, towing/ recovery operators and other professionals whose “office” frequently takes them within inches of moving traffic. The attention to this topic is justified. There have been a numerous documented injuries, fatalities and an untold number of “near hits” of first responders on our nation’s roadways in the past twenty years. In the past few years, this author has been personally affected by such a tragedy and indirectly involved by several others. Most of you reading this could likely share many of your own stories as well. While there are simply too many to mention individually, our collective efforts and thoughts are dedicated to those individuals affected by these incidents in the spirit of preventing reoccurrence.

Most of the chatter recently is related to the upcoming November 24, 2008 deadline for the use of high visibility apparel (vests) by first responders working near motorists. While this is certainly an important component of the traffic safety puzzle, do not be [click to continue…]