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Its Not Only we Can, We Must!

by mobrian on January 23, 2009

It’s time to take action for the fire service grants

By Ozzie Mirkhah, A special post from our friends at

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Illustration by Paul Combs/ArtStudioSeven.Com

Illustration by Paul Combs/ArtStudioSeven.Com

The beauty of our democracy is that regardless of who we voted for back in November, we embrace the smooth transfer of authority from the old to the new president this week. After all, the love for the well being of our nation and our utmost respect for our Constitution is higher than the routine bickering and the partisan politics. I am as independent as it gets, and always in my articles refrain from the politics, yet discuss the policies that are fire related. With that said the opening paragraphs in this article about our current economic situation are only there to provide the backdrop for the main topic of this article, the fire grants, and are not intended to be divisive or along the political party lines.

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