Diabetes Basics

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by mobrian on June 9, 2009

Diabetes is a disease that, at its most basic, is the body not producing enough insulin or is unable to use the insulin it has properly.

By Alan Ramsey

Let’s start with the key player, Insulin, it is the hormone needed for the body to convert food, sugars and starches mainly, into energy.  An easy way to look at it is to see insulin as the key that allows the sugars (glucose) into the cells.  Without it the glucose level in the blood will be high and the available glucose in the cells will be low.  Without the key the glucose can’t enter the cells.  As we will see this shifts the whole body out of balance.

Statistically speaking, approximately 18 million adults and children have been diagnosed.  While another 5.7 million are unaware that they too have diabetes, bringing the total over 23 million people with diabetes.

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