Fire Service Radio

MFS Radio Episode 1

by mobrian on September 2, 2008

Michigan Fire Service Radio, episode 1 is now available.

We are proud to bring you the first edition of our radio station.  It doesn’t have fancy music or introduction (yet) but we are developing this great resources for you.

You can listen online or download and listen on the go.  MFS Radio is designed for different users, that is there are options.  If you have an Ipod or similar MP3 device you can subscribe to our feed and the podcast will automatically download to your MP3 player through I tunes or another aggregator.  If this means nothing to you, don’t worry, you can listen right on your computer.  In the weeks to come we should have a button for you to automatically subscribe to I-Tunes.

Below this post is a simple play button, just hit play and you can listen right at your computer.


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