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Lawrence Township Firefighter Dies

by mobrian on August 2, 2009

Accident at Hartford Speedway, firefighter dies from injuries

Harlod Curtis was working at the Hartford Speedway as a fire fighter. His crew was responding to an accident on the course when something went wrong.  Preliminary details indicate that he fell from the back of the responding apparatus on the race track and was transported to a Watervliet Hospital.  He was then transferred to Borgess Hospital where he died due to his injuries.

Curtis served as a Lieutenant with the Lawrence Township fire department.   As additional details become available we will let you know.

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Engineer Suffers Fatal Heart Attack at Scene of Residential Fire

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigations provide an in-depth view on firefighter fatalities.  These in-depth investigations provided a means for departments to review their procedures and learn from the incident.   NIOSH recently released the investigation report from a tragic fire in Michigan.

On June 22, 2007 a 56 year old, Clinton County (Michigan)  Firefighter responded to a  working structure fire.  After the fire was declared under control the fire fighter reported to rehab and stated “he didn’t feel well from the waste up.”

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