FPW 2008

A special post from Tom Kiurski and our friends at Inspector911.com

If you work for a fire department that has an existing open house that is held in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week (the most common time to have the Open House, although you can have one at any time), then consider yourself lucky. Much of the groundwork necessary to undertake this monumental task has already been laid. Your role is to take part in the Open House by helping out before the event, working the event itself and helping out afterwards. Let’s take a look at the stops involved, to see if you can start your event or make it better.

You probably wouldn’t wake up one morning and head out the door on a vacation without some advance planning. Where to go, reservations and packing are all essential parts of the process. The Open House is no different…without planning, your chances of having a successful, smooth-running event are quite slim. Start well in advance, preferably a full year ahead of time. Get the fire department administration and the firefighters to help out. If your firefighters are anywhere near as crafty as ours are, then you will have some great talent to help you out. Break down the work into smaller parts, such as publicity, props and partnerships.

The publicity group needs to be involved in scheduling the event and doing any advertising to get crowds to attend your event. Flyers are a [click to continue…]

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