Engineer Suffers Fatal Heart Attack at Scene of Residential Fire

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigations provide an in-depth view on firefighter fatalities.  These in-depth investigations provided a means for departments to review their procedures and learn from the incident.   NIOSH recently released the investigation report from a tragic fire in Michigan.

On June 22, 2007 a 56 year old, Clinton County (Michigan)  Firefighter responded to a  working structure fire.  After the fire was declared under control the fire fighter reported to rehab and stated “he didn’t feel well from the waste up.”

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NIOSH Report Released on Sofa Super Store

by mobrian on February 12, 2009

NIOSH Gives Recommendations for Future Fires

Today NIOSH released the fatality investigation report which outlines the facts of the incident and provides recommendations for the Charleston Fire Department as well as other fire departments across the United States.

The report highlights the need for incident command training, systems, accountability, firefighter tactics, protection of fire department equipment and standardized practices which meet NFPA standards and common fire protection practices.  The NIOSH report summarizes the incident:

On June 18, 2007, nine career fire fighters died when [click to continue…]

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