OCC Instructors Walk-out

by mobrian on August 30, 2008

Against the voters wishes, a public safety department appears to be in its early stages for the City of Harper Woods.  Four police department staff are to attend the upcoming fire academy hosted at Oakland Community College Crest Center.  The new public safety department will take over the responsibilities of the Harper Woods Fire Department, which has in turn angered many residents and the fire department.  In response to this action, many of the instructors who teach at the OCC academy have expressed that they will no longer teach at the academy where these police officers are planning on attending.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that OCC is looking to find instructors to fill the void created by the walk-out.  The OCC academy is currently set to start in September 2008 and will have 39 students in the program.  Only 4 of the students are police officers who are working on their training for the public safety department.  The article also states that seven senior fire fighters will be offered positions in the new public safety department if they attend the police academy in the next year.
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