Ul Lightweight Wood Truss Training

by mobrian on November 2, 2008

Last year, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) received a fire grant from the DHS to do a research study on lightweight construction.  UL conducted a series of tests, and just this month posted the results of their study titled “Structural Stability of Engineered Lumber in Fire Conditions” on their UL University website.

This is a great online course, free of charge, and available to all.  This course is essential for firefighters and an absolute must for all ICs or company officers across Michigan. It is only 52 minutes long, but it is absolutely worth it.  It is a great hands on course that shows the actual firefighting challenges in these lightweight construction infernos.

UL did six tests and had two firefighter mannequins (dummies) in full gear with Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) on these test floor and roof assemblies. Watch the videos and see if you can predict when the dummies will fall through.

It is also interesting to see the difference in the [click to continue…]

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